Thursday, 9 May 2013

NBN: Another cowardly, despicable attack by Turnbull.

Yesterday, James Brotchie joined me as the target of one of Mr Turnbull's obnoxious, unjustified spew-fests. A tirade of vilification and a torrent of abuse.

This cowardly bullying against private citizens who dare express an opinion in public contrary to the Earl of Wentworth is a mark of the man. It's not respectful nor justified. It's two hours of venom-filled writing, lashing out at anyone he deems "an opponent".

Get over yourself, Malcolm. You put your pants on one leg at a time like the rest of us.
You stepped into the ring to play politics, the rest of us haven't. Don't  confuse the players with the crowd, you know, the ones that will vote for you. Or increasingly, not.

The Internet is a democracy, the ultimate "City Hall" meeting. People are going to say stuff you don't like. Get over it. Grow a pair and learn some good rejoinders for the inevitable hecklers.

This is not your precious courtroom where you get to lord it over hapless victims of your razor-sharp tongue and incisive wit. Well, the one you wish you had.

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  1. I'll repeat what I posted on the ZDnet site yesterday:

    Geez, Turnbull really does know how to spit the dummy, doesn't he?

    But then this is always the case with bullies. They can never take it - just dish it out!

    As my dear old mum would have said, 'he's like a fart in a colander - doesn't know which hole to escape from'. All bluff and bluster, and no substance.....


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