Monday, 13 May 2013

NBN: When does the NBN Rollout reach "statistically significant" size?

When there's a "statistically significant" sample of households using the NBN, we'll have good data to forecast demand and maybe price-points. We know from the various (political) polling organisations that the demographics of Australian population and householders are very well understood.

With 20,000 households already signed up, are we close now to a 1% error margin?

We know that "innovators" will sign-up early and for higher speeds & volumes. NBN Co needs to select a representative set of households, not distorted by "product leaders", and to publish their speed/usage compared to both the whole Australian average and their forecasts.

Senator Conroy and the NBN Co CEO have a lot to gain by collecting and releasing solid data as soon as they can. They more hard data there is out there, the better the electorate can make its decision.

It may not be sexy, it may not be politically convenient, but in these days of spin, misstatement and counterfactual arguments, objective data is sorely needed to tone down the debate and restore a modicum of sanity.

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