Tuesday, 7 May 2013

NBN: simple stats on debate

Stats of the Comms debate from this transcript, supplied by Turnbull:
If either speaker claims "I wasn't heard" or "not given time".
I didn't look for interruptions, being talked over or "can I have a go".

Total times speaker named: 109
Total words: 7400

Around 300 words spoken by 2 questioners.

Moderator, Josh Taylor: 23 times,  879 wds
Malcolm Turnbull: 33 times, 3545 wds
Senator Conroy: 28 times, 2709 wds

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  1. I received off-line feedback that I was being prejudiced against one of the debaters.

    I've not placed any value on the figures, nor any interpretation. I thought those simple, raw stats showed a very reasonable balance.

    I specifically did NOT try a more in-depth analysis that might've been construed as favouring one party or showing up another.

    I'm not an expert in this field and wouldn't pretend to be. If you see bias in the raw numbers, then you need to check your perception filters.

    What's almost entirely missing in this debate is good-will and sustainable facts. I'm trying to provide this.


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