This is what I hope is a short series, explaining IT & concepts for "Real People", as opposed to geeks & wonks. Many ICT concepts, and their resulting acronyms, are simple and understandable, but descriptions often only make sense once you know. I'd like to address that Catch-22 situation.

I'm interested in feedback, especially corrections, "red ink" (remove/replace paragraphs that are overly long) & simpler explanations and analogies.

Also, I'd very much appreciate any suggestions for topics you'd like me to write on. If there's a flood of them, not sure how I'll handle that :-)

This is the email that started me writing:

L wrote on 12/06/13 12:07 AM:
The networking concept i will have to work on. If I saw it in operation I would grasp it better i think. If I think I know something, I ask myself "Could I do a 5 minute lecture on it?" It's a little test I give myself of true understanding. and no, I couldn't do that with networking at this point. It may be i have seen it in action  - or maybe done it - but not with that term associated.

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