Thursday, 5 September 2013

Australian Tech Media: Second to ALL.

Phil Dobie is a great Tech Journalist, just ask him. It doesn't seem a lack of technical or economic knowledge hampers his efforts in the least.

His latest podcast furthers the inane & self-serving Coalition proposition: "Applications NEED bandwidth"

Dobie bravely asks "How Much Bandwidth Do We Need?".

Answer: If the two Voyager spacecraft can map/image the Solar system at 160bps - 1400bps (no kilobits, megabits or gigabits there), then NO application NEEDs more bandwidth.

People WANT bandwidth and given the chance, are prepared to pay for it. From the NBN April results, we know there is pent-up demand and 31% of customers are happy to pay for 100/40Mbps services. Rather more than the average 4.2Mbps in today's ADSL Copper ghetto.

It's a very simple trade-off of time and money, based on how much do you value your time.
For some people, all that matters is getting the cheapest price. They'll always be entry-level users.

This seems far too difficult for Phil The Great to grasp. Or maybe he just likes recycling Coalition memes.

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