Monday, 16 September 2013

Turnbull still doing "rant-o-matic"

The election is over, Turnbull's team won and now there's nobody to tear down and oppose. He's now "The Man".

Does Turnbull engage his civil, rational, considered side, looking for support & consensus? No, he continues his mindless ranting, this time attacking yet another private citizen. This puts on display his very poor judgement and lack of control, raising the question: Is Turnbull a fit and proper person to be a Minister of the Crown?

Less than a week after the election, Turnbull has already forcefully rejected the normal democratic process, pillorying the largest ever on-line petition. Apparently, a group so large that it would've changed the election outcome, is irrelevant in his mind. The fantasy of "we have a mandate" prevails.

I haven't read the full rant. The wonderful irony is Turnbull, the master of misdirection and deception, is yet again calling on someone uninvolved and with nothing to gain, to "tell the truth".

On 12-Apr-2013, Turnbull was written up on a high profile Technology site as openly lying, something he has never addressed, never asked to be retracted, never asked for an apology over and, given his legal background and contacts, has never pursued a defamation action on. In law, "silence is assent", meaning this non-action is an admission of the allegation by Turnbull.

Given Turnbull's aggressive, combative nature, if he had the least grounds or chance of winning a suit, he'd have pursued it.

This is what Renai LeMay of Delimiter wrote:
This is very much the definition of lying: There is intelligent awareness of an intent to deceive.
In my professional opinion as a journalist, Conroy is right: Turnbull is lying about the cost of Labor’s NBN. [emphasis added]
So, the man who admits to lying about the NBN, is extorting others to tell the truth. Sheer hypocrisy and complete arrogance.

This is how Turnbull finishes his rant:
The strategic review will consider all those matters - openly and honestly. No spin. No politics. Just hard facts. And that will make the debate much better informed.  [emphasis added]
Turnbull has demonstrated he's a liar and hypocrite, that his words and judgement are not to be trusted, and that all he knows is attack, attack, attack.

Will his "open and honest" review be any more revealing than his NBN Policy? Will his responses to questions on "hard facts" be yet another tirade of abuse and invective? Not on current evidence.


  1. Well, that's the trouble with hoping that Turnbull will come to his senses.

    That's why I created a petition to put some pressure on Telstra as well.

    Petition for Telstra to stick to the current NBN contract

    If you can give it a plug and sign it/share it - that'll help get the numbers up to put pressure on the other major player in the equation.

  2. I wash my hands of all things to do with Australia now. The ignorant masses have bought into Abbott's bullshit. What happens now is what Australians deserve.

    1. Rohan,

      It's sad times. Some of the Abbott Governments actions and statements already have for the first time made me feel ashamed to be "Australian". It's going to be a nasty 3 years.



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