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Why an NBN?

  • An NBN is the single most important Strategic Infrastructure for Australia:
    • for national security,
    • for current and future Economic performance by enabling Productivity growth across the economy, and
    • allowing us to develop and export high-value Knowledge Worker Services.
  • We one chance to get a future-proof NBN and its now. If direct Fibre isn't rolled out in the initial deployment, it never will be. The Alice Springs to Darwin railway was promised for a century. Cable TV was delayed in Australia by forty years. When it came, only 25% of the nation was covered and that's it, forever.
  • Both sides of politics aren't offering what the public wants and needs, but like the Republic referendum, are offering some bastardised version driven by their ideological agenda.

Defining a National Broadband Network:

These are what I consider are the mandatory elements of an NBN, providing a level playing-field for Retail Suppliers and certainty for consumers, especially businesses.

  • Universal: every business and household has equal/reasonable access.
  • Pure-digital versus hybrid: optimise networks and allow end-to-end control & administration.
  • Upgradeable: being able to supply, on a cost-plus basis, consumer need & demand is essential to enable maximum utility and value-add from the service.
  • Common user facilities: minimum standard connections for Customer Equipment is necessary for both suppliers and customers.
  • Guaranteed service levels: access speeds, latency, peak-hour throughput and traffic prioritisation.

NBN Myths
  • I'm happy with the broadband service I've got.
    • If you've never experienced high-rate services, how do you know what you're missing?
      • If your only benchmark is your service, it's an uniformed viewpoint.
      • How can you argue against something better for the same price?
    • There are a very large number of people who have grossly inadequate broadband services.
      • To upgrade the worst services, the whole network needs upgrading, you included.
    • The last broadband speed upgrade was ADSL2 around 10 years ago. High-end users have been looking for better solutions for at least 7 years. This failure to act has severely curtailed business.
  • I don't want to subsidise people who want mega-speeds.
    • That's the opposite of how it works! High-end users subside the rest of us with their galloping increase in download.
    • The NBN Co plan is based on halving the price of downloads every 3 years. Whether you download or not, everybody benefits by collective increased usage.

Problems with Coalition Plan

The media has swallowed and uncritically regurgitated the completely non-credible figures and claims by the Coalition.
Whilst the Coalition loudly spruiks VDSL2 as a well-proven & economic technology, it fails to address a very curious and unsettling question:
If VDSL2 & nodes were so very good and economically viable, Why, since 2005, has only one new large development (1400 Appts in Adelaide CBD) been fitted with VDSL2? (Apartment blocks are the cheapest and most profitable Telco installations possible)
The answer is simple: private ISP's & Telcos are not fools, they've run the numbers & they don't work. If VDSL2 + nodes were technically and economically feasible, then with 300,000 apartments constructed between 2006 and 2012, a lot more than 1,400 would've been connected and you'd expect the 5-6 ADSL2 providers to all be involved. VDSL2 hasn't been economic in Australia, why is it economic now?

The biggest misrepresentation is that it's NOT a plan for a Broadband network any more than a phone network or Cable TV was. The Coalition VDSL/FTTN plan is for a hybrid telephone/DSL network not a pure-digital network like all three other Access Networks being built.

NBN Benefits

The true value of dependable, fast broadband is how it saves or substitutes for time, allows you to accomplish very much more in the same time or  allows you to do completely new or previously impossible things.

With reliable, low latency broadband, everyone has HD video calls and teleconferencing available for no extra cost. You can mostly substitute travel, parking, queueing and waiting in appointments with professional/services with a video call.

For people with mobility problems, they can stay in contact with friends & family easily and for no extra cost. Aged care and community nursing becomes much simpler, more frequent and more efficient, providing better care, lower healthcare costs and much better patient outcomes.

For those separated by distance, HD video calls means they can maintain important relationships,  for no extra cost.

Per-Post Index

These are links, in reverse date-order, to posts published prior to the 2013 election.

A simple coloured tagging of the content has been added.

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0012013/09MainCopper cheaper than Fibre? Only if you "cook the books" radically!
0022013/09MediaCorrecting wrong-headed Journalistic Myths & Memes
0032013/09MainFor the every-person: Why you want Fibre to _your_ Premises
0042013/09HistoryMediaZiggy Switkowsky: No Rocket Scientist
0052013/09MainThe death of NBN Co: OZ Telecoms permanently screwed.
0062013/09PoliticsMainThe ALP "arms-length" direction of NBN Co. and the NBN tender
0072013/09PoliticsTurnbull still doing "rant-o-matic"
0082013/09PoliticsMediaTurnbull's Fantasy: The Copper Fairy will come in the night and fix everything.
0092013/09PoliticsThe Real Deal on the Coalition NBN: same price, worse outcomes.
0102013/09VoterVoter backlash over "NBN Lite" as they realise they've been 'had'?
0112013/09PoliticsLiberals: Liars, Fools or both?
0122013/09PoliticsThe Liberal Party's Latham Moment: letting the Real Team Abbott out.
0132013/09MediaAustralian Tech Media: Second to ALL.
0142013/09MediaAustralian Media: Worst. Reporters. EVER. Example - the NBN election coverage.
0152013/09MainNBN: Cost Benefit Analyses and NBN 'Reviews'
0162013/09MainNBN: Fibre-on-Demand, at best $7,500/premises, more like $45,000/premises

0172013/08Politics"NBN Lite" won't happen, but has served its purpose: took the NBN off the Election agenda
0182013/08PersonalFibre to the Premises - with an 's'. I stand corrected
0192013/08MainNBN: Real Cost Benefit Analysis.
0202013/08PoliticsMediaNBN: Turnbull, it's time to "put up or shut up" with your numbers.
0212013/08PoliticsMediaNBN: Despite News Ltd, Turnbull WILL kill NBN, if he wants.
0222013/08MainNBN: A Need for Speed 3
0232013/08PoliticsMainNBN: Turnbull spin "on-demand fibre"
0242013/08PoliticsMediaNBN: How Alan Jones was "played" by Turnbull
0252013/08VoterPoliticsStump questions by voters for Turnbull
0262013/08VoterMainNBN: What an Abbott government will cost you
0272013/08MainBusiness Case Copper/Node vs Fibre
0282013/08PoliticsNBN: Fibre v Copper and how the Liberals deliberately killed broadband in Aus
0292013/08PoliticsThe Confabulous Mr Turnbull: 1925 airships, not Big Jets, are "leading edge" technology
0302013/08MainNBN: The slam-dunk economic reasons for Fibre.
0312013/08PoliticsMainNBN: Numbers from the Turnbull Copper/Node Plan
0322013/08MainNBN: Need for speed II - nobody 'needs more than 1Mpbs'
0332013/08MainNBN: The Need for Speed I - the path to 1 gigabit services
0342013/08MediaBiased or Objective Reporting?
0352013/08PoliticsMediaNBN: disputing the four Turnbull "Stress Tests". Pure fantasy.
0362013/08MainNBN: Understanding the NBN: it's simple business.
0372013/08PoliticsMainNBN: Full Disclosure of the Turnbull Copper/Node Plan legally necessary?
0382013/08PoliticsWhy Turnbull is so incensed over "Free NBN Connections" - Anathema to his industry mates.
0392013/08PoliticsNBN: Turnbull Communicates or Obfuscates?
0402013/08PoliticsTurnbull lying: Has had his Plan challenged many times since April
0412013/08MainBusiness Economics of Fibre vs Copper: a slam-dunk win for Fibre
0422013/08PoliticsNBN: More Turnbull double-speak. A world of difference between Fibre and Copper.
0432013/08MediaNBN: Answers to Emma Alberici.
0442013/08PoliticsNBN: Turnbull claim "$20,000" for guaranteed 1Gbps. rating: 1/30
0452013/08PoliticsNBN: Turnbull needs to get facts straight. At least one ISP has zero NBN setup fee for standard installs
0462013/08MainNBN: What can Fibre do that Copper can't? Make a profit and pay off the investment.
0472013/08PoliticsNBN: Turnbull and lawyer jokes
0482013/08VoterPoliticsMediaNBN: Exposing Turnbull's sleight of hand to Cooma voters (Eden-Monaro).
0492013/08MediaNBN: Cooma Express reporting shows how its done
0502013/08VoterMediaNBN: "Need Broadband Now" in Coffs.
0512013/08VoterMediaMyths: Low-end Broadband users subsidise high-speed, high-end users
0522013/08PoliticsNBN: Turnbull's Quintuple-whammy for
0532013/08MainNBN: Why the Real NBN fixes a slew of problems with broadband
0542013/08PoliticsMediaNBN: The $110 ARPU Fallacy and Coalition "Double-Speak"
0552013/08PoliticsMainNBN: Pride in your work, Politics and Telstra
0562013/08PoliticsMediaNBN: Turnbull staffers, not just stonewalling...
0572013/08PoliticsNBN: The Turnbull Node Plan a Financial Disaster, can only lose BILLIONS.
0582013/08PoliticsNBN: Turnbull Node Plan - wholesale pricing for Retailers and modelling
0592013/08PoliticsNBN: Time for Turnbull to put his party's actions on record
0602013/08PoliticsNBN: Turnbull's "New Technologies"
0612013/08PoliticsMainDebate: rebutting Turnbull - New Technologies

0622013/07PoliticsMediaMainNBN: Kohler v Turnbull Questions - Top Ten.
0632013/07MainNBN: part 2 The commercial innovation of NTD multiple porting
0642013/07PoliticsNBN: Turnbull a New Age Luddite?
0652013/07MainNBN: Spelling out the consequences of "Telstra takes Metro"
0662013/07PoliticsNBN: Turnbull's Weasel Words - I
0672013/07PoliticsPRIMENBN: Legal issues arising from campaign statements
0682013/07PoliticsNBN: Is the Turnbull "No Disruption" promise "an outright lie" by his definition?
0692013/07PoliticsNBN: Is the Turnbull Node Plan "Telstra RIMs+HFC in Metro Areas" leaving NBN Co the scraps?
0702013/07PoliticsNBN: The Blackhole at the centre of the Turnbull Node Plan
0712013/07PoliticsMainNBN: Performance of Turnbull Fibre From The Node
0722013/07PoliticsNBN: Cost of Turnbull's Fibre _from_ the Node Upgrade
0732013/07PoliticsNBN: Telstra payments for the Turnbull Node Plan
0742013/07MainNBN: Defining "Fast Broadband", answering "Why Fibre?"
0752013/07PoliticsMainNBN: How Turnbull's Node Plan is NOT British Telecom Model
0762013/07MediaMainNBN: many outstanding questions
0772013/07MainNBN: Issues with Copper vs Fibre comments and claims.
0782013/07MainNBN: The commercial innovation of NTD multiple porting
0792013/07PoliticsMediaMainNBN: Kohler v Turnbull Debate - Unasked Questions.
0802013/07MainNBN: Telcos last commercial challenge: Fibre Customer Access Network or not?
0812013/07MainNBN: Which is more profitable: Fibre or DSL/Copper?
0822013/07MainNBN: Copper or Fibre? Progress of speeds.
0832013/07MainNBN: The UK DSL/FTTN experience
0842013/07PoliticsNBN: Turnbull's FTTN just like the UK - Paid Installs?
0852013/07PoliticsNBN: Numbers Turnbull doesn't want you to see
0862013/07MainNBN: Fibre to the Farm - splitting the cost 3 ways. $2500 per household

0872013/06PoliticsNBN: Problems with Coalition Plan
0882013/06MainNBN: MDU's not that hard with Cat-5? Or did I miss something?
0892013/06PoliticsNBN: "Internet speeds will always be lower under a Coalition Government"
0902013/06MainNBN for Real People: "Wireless"
0912013/06PoliticsNBN: One poll that the LNP cannot have done.
0922013/06MainNBN: Telstra wins, no matter what.
0932013/06MainNBN: Another 100 years in Copper. Yes, but only for phones.
0942013/06MainNBN Financials: Hidden costs of a VDSL Fibre to the Node network
0952013/06MainNBN: "two Fibre active services" - possible?
0962013/06MainNBN: $7,500 for Fibre connection if you have Rural Electricity?
0972013/06MainNBN: Comparing the Plans, costs under 10% different
0982013/06PoliticsMainNBN: The Devil is in the VDSL detail. What happens to Phone Line rental charges?
0992013/06PoliticsNBN: Coalition support enabling Chinese Internet hacking?
1002013/06PoliticsNBN: Testing is the Coalition are acting in Bad Faith
1012013/06PoliticsNBN: Changing Party Policies
1022013/06PoliticsNBN: How the Coalition Plan will Smash it.
1032013/06Main"NBN or SBS?" What Barnaby Joyce said about himself
1042013/06PoliticsNBN:Policy Questions for the Coalition
1052013/06PoliticsMainNBN for Real People: Networking
1062013/06MainNBN: Why Fibre? What it does better than Copper.
1072013/06PoliticsNBN: Unanswered questions on Coalition NBN Policy
1082013/06PoliticsNBN: The Coalition Policy Dud
1092013/06PoliticsNBN: Aussie FoxNews agrees with Turnbull: "Connection to the NBN is _not_ Free"
1102013/06PoliticsNBN: Policy Ignorance by The Nationals Leader
1112013/06PoliticsMediaNBN: Hawke v Malby, Turjillo v Howard, Quigley v Turnbull, Ziggy v nobody

1122013/05PoliticsNBN: Conroy responsible for maintaining the politicisation of the debate
1132013/05HistoryMainNBN: Historical perspective on A Need for Speed
1142013/05PoliticsNBN: Turnbull obfuscating and misleading on the detail
1152013/05MainNBN: Connecting VDSL to your home: Apples & Apples with Fibre or a "same-same" fudge?
1162013/05MainNBN: (Dis)Economies of simplistic charging
1172013/05PoliticsNBN: Noalition maths II
1182013/05PoliticsMainNBN: Coalition Fibre to the Node isn't pure-digital broadband, isn't secure, isn't meant to last
1192013/05MainNBN: Not just "there's good, cheap, fast: choose any two"
1202013/05PoliticsMediaNBN: Coalition Extraordinary Claims require Extraordinary Evidence
1212013/05MainNBN: The Big Little Questions and their difficult answers.
1222013/05PoliticsMediaNBN: The Topsy Turvy Debate
1232013/05PoliticsNBN: Political pressure. When facts aren't facts.
1242013/05PoliticsNBN: Noalition Maths - an FTTN can't Break Even.
1252013/05PoliticsNBN: Turnbulls' Triple Tax - DSL Out of Pocket expenses are the Coalition sting in the tail.
1262013/05MainNBN: Cost-Effective vs Cost-Efficient. What's what and Who Pays?
1272013/05MainPRIMENBN: When does the NBN Rollout reach "statistically significant" size?
1282013/05MainNBN: The NBN Co business model - who really subsidises others.
1292013/05MainNBN: Fibre cheaper than Copper Two-Step when better estimates used.
1302013/05PoliticsNBN: Noalitionomics - Numbers don't add up
1312013/05PoliticsNBN: Coalition Fine Print - 1.1M houses WONT get 25Mbps.
1322013/05PoliticsNBN: Another cowardly, despicable attack by Turnbull.
1332013/05PoliticsNBN: Decoding Turnbull - We're building this to throw away in 2022.
1342013/05PersonalMediaNBN: Why I write.
1352013/05MediaNBN: simple stats on debate
1362013/05PoliticsNBN: Can vectoring work on Turnbull's FTTN?
1372013/05VoterMediaNBN: Gen-Y/Millennials need to step-up and make their voices heard.
1382013/05MainNBN: Multicast - is it the secret sauce for Broadband take-up?
1392013/05PoliticsNBN: Lies, Damned Lies and Spreadsheets.
1402013/05PoliticsNBN: Both Politically defined solutions are wrong.
1412013/05MainNBN: Why Fibre?
1422013/05PoliticsMainNBN: Sanity checking the Coalition forecasts. Can't do it.
1432013/05MainNBN: Why? What economic value?
1442013/04PoliticsMediaNBN: The real tragedy of the non-debate - Politicisation.

1452013/04PoliticsMediaNBN: Irony in the debate, Turnbull encourages "When all else fails, tell the truth".
1462013/04PoliticsMediaNBN: Questions for Conroy and Turnbull.
1472013/04PoliticsMediaNBN: Turnbull's "All Questions Answered" document: Don't bother.
1482013/04MainNBN: Estimating Node costs and numbers
1492013/04MainNBN: Why FTTN rental must rise in a dual FTTP/FTTN world
1502013/04MainNBN: Why Telstra shareholders would be silly to accept a "rent not buy" deal
1512013/04PoliticsMainNBN: Deal or No Deal? The short version on questions for the Coalition.
1522013/04PoliticsMediaNBN: Unpicking the Coalitions' Plan
1532013/04PoliticsMediaNBN: Why the Coalition won't answer the "rent or buy" copper from Telstra
1542013/04MainNBN: Why Telstra should want to sell, not lease, its copper to NBN Co.
1552013/04PoliticsNBN: Political mis-statements decoded
1562013/04PoliticsNBN: Sanity checking the Coalition's $17 billion savings
1572013/04PoliticsNBN: Coalition is in the box-seat, should it choose to "fine tune" policy in light of latest NBN cost figures
1582013/04PoliticsNBN: Political Lies decoded
1592013/04PoliticsNBN: Coalition might be able to have cake and eat it too.
1602013/04PoliticsNBN: Black Holes in Coalition FTTN Plan
1612013/04MainNBN: Fibre Cost and Disconnection fee, no surprises
1622013/04PoliticsMediaNBN: Coalition's Voo Doo Economics
1632013/04MainNBN: Free to Air over Multicast - Is this the Killer App?
1642013/04PoliticsNBN: Problems with Coalition DSL-NBN Plan
1652013/04PoliticsNBN: DSL's Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
1662013/04PoliticsNBN: Coalition needs to fess up to its role in getting here AND still could take the high-ground on Policy
1672013/04VoterMainNBN: Need for Action: Growth in Internet Download Volumes 2008-2012. [ABS product 8153.0]
1682013/04PoliticsNBN: Correcting the Record on the Coalition NBN Plan
1692013/04PoliticsNBN: Turnbulls' FAIL as a communicator
1702013/04PoliticsNBN: Turnbull's DSL-NBN Budget set to increase by $10-20 billion
1712013/04PoliticsNBN: Why the Turnbull Plan will undermine NBN Co's viability, even destroy it.
1722013/04PoliticsNBN: A cogent outsider view of the Turnbull Plan
1732013/04MainNBN: The Real Deal on New Network Technologies
1742013/04PoliticsNBN: Turnbull's Hybrid NBN, Redux.
1752013/04PoliticsNBN: The Turnbull Proposition to Unlucky 75%: 2years earlier, $24 less/month against $3-5,000 if you ever want fibre.
1762013/04PoliticsNBN: Turnbull's Moment of Truth
1772013/04PoliticsNBN: Hysterical Claims, Unbelievable Consultants
1782013/04PoliticsNBN: Impossible Claims. $5 billion YES, $94 billion, NO.
1792013/04PoliticsNBN: Turnbull needs to explain the Coalition role in our "high telecommunications costs"
1802013/04PoliticsNBN: Turnbull pre-releases Policy to News Ltd, engages Full-FUD drive.
1812013/04MainNBN: Rivers of Gold II
1822013/04PoliticsNBN: What Turnbull won't say
1832013/04PoliticsNBN: The Coalition has it backwards - it should be pro-Fibre.
1842013/04MainNBN: For my retired friends:- Why we need an NBN
1852013/04PoliticsMediaNBN: Trust the Coalition, Sure Can!
1862013/04MainNBN: Deconstructing the 2005 Trujillo-Howard pitch
1872013/04MainNBN: Valuing The network.

1882013/03MediaMainNBN: What Network do we want in 2050?
1892013/03MainNBN: Upgrade Projects: Piecemeal, Scheduled or What?
1902013/03MainNBN: Optimisation of Fibre routes in Brownfield deployments
1912013/03MainNBN: Impact of different topologies: FTTN vs FTTP
1922013/03MainNBN: Cost of FTTN node-to-premise fibre upgrade
1932013/03MainNBN: Cost per premise of FTTN
1942013/03MainNBN: Cost per Premises of Fibre
1952013/03PoliticsMediaNBN: A last chance for sense
1962013/03PoliticsMediaNBN: What do we agree on? Disagree on?
1972013/03PoliticsMediaNBN: the start of a real discourse?
1982013/03MainNBN: ReInventing Government Service Delivery in The Age of the Internet.
1992013/03MainNBN: The Rivers of Gold scenario.
2002013/03PoliticsNBN: decoding Turnbull. [15-Mar-2013] Fairfax article.
2012013/03PoliticsMediaNBN: Turnbull's Barrister Tactics
2022013/03MediaNBN: CommsDay vs ABC.
2032013/03MediaNBN: Biased reporting at the ABC, or the Coalition shooting the Questioner?
2042013/03PoliticsNBN: Turnbull's "Same, Same" Used Car pitch

2052013/02MainNBN: And the National Economic Agenda
2062013/02PoliticsNBN: Who does the Coalition represent? It's not small business anymore.
2072013/02VoterPoliticsNBN: A major election issue or not?
2082013/02PoliticsNBN + National Security: Turnbull, Mandiant and Huawei
2092013/02PoliticsPRIMENBN: This is our ONE shot at universal Fibre-to-the-Premises
2102013/02PoliticsNBN: MDU's, HFC and The Turnbull Plan

2112013/01MainSecurity: Healthcare systems are "soft-targets": the Next Big Exploit
2122013/01MainNBN: the business case for 100-1000Mbps symmetric for SOHO & SME
2132013/01PoliticsMainNBN: Creating opportunity out of disaster

2142012/12HistoryMainNBN: Historical Financial Performance of Telcos: O.T.C.
2152012/12MainNBN: Funding with Infrastructure Bonds
2162012/12VoterMainNBN Issues: Considerations for Voters
2172012/12VoterMainNBN Issues: Seize the Day!
2182012/12PoliticsNBN: Public Perception of Coalition Policy and Rewinding to 2001
2192012/12PoliticsNBN: Oh so Expensive! [NOT]
2202012/12PoliticsNBN: What happens to NBN Co under the Coalition?
2212012/12PoliticsNBN: Coalition vs Expert Panel, the other issues.
2222012/12MainNBN: The 2009 Expert Panel "Observations"
2232012/12PoliticsNBN: What does the Coalition know better than the Exprts? (short)
2242012/12PoliticsNBN: What does the Coalition know that the Experts Didn't in 2009?
2252012/12HistoryMainNBN: How did we get here?
2262012/12PoliticsNBN: The Politics of Broadband

2272012/11PoliticsNBN: The Great Broadband Con II. Problems with Nodes
2282012/11PoliticsNBN: The Great Broadband Con
2292012/11MainNBN: The Economics of FTTH vs FTTN
2302012/11MainNBN: Framing the Questions - What's Good Policy?
2312012/11PoliticsMainNBN: Click Frenzy's "Click Fail" and Lessons for the Coalition
2322012/11PoliticsMainNBN: National Interest vs Political Interest: Lessons from the Railways
2332012/11PoliticsMainNBN: How to fiddle the numbers on FTTN to get "quicker, cheaper, more affordable"
2342012/11PoliticsNBN: Coalition non-Policy will lose it a third election
2352012/11MainNBN, TLS: Gold and toxins in them thar' phone lines!
2362012/11PoliticsMediaNBN: After CommsDay, Questions for Mr Turnbull
2372012/11MainNBN: Fibre Construction costs.
2382012/11MainNBN: FTTN in Australia - the Gungahlin Experiment
2392012/11MainNBN, TLS: Media Report Transcript, 31-Aug-1995. "Gungahlin, ACT, interactive multimedia testing ground"
2402012/11PoliticsNBN: Mr Turnbull's "fact-checking" - still poor?
2412012/11PoliticsMainNBN: Costing the Coalition FTTN. It's not Good News.
2422012/11PoliticsMediaNBN: Turnbull asks some good questions at CommsDay Conf.
2432012/11PoliticsNBN: "Trouble at Mill" for subs transitioning to Coalition's FTTN
2442012/11MainNBN: changing-over to Fibre isn't compulsory, but inevitable. What's in store for Telstra and customers?
2452012/11PoliticsNBN: Is this the Coalition's NBN proposal?

2462012/10MainNBN: Big Builds take Time.
2472012/10PoliticsNBN: Mr Turnbull has but one opinion - Ethernet "Standard Guage"
2482012/10MainTLS: After the NBN, Now what?
2492012/10MainNBN: The Smart Internet Revolution comes to Healthcare
2502012/10MainNBN and PCEHR: Transforming the world of Healthcare
2512012/10MainTLS: Sol Trujillo's Telstra legacy
2522012/10HistoryMainTelco Customer Service Madness and the NBN
2532012/10MainTelco Customer Service Madness: Case Study

2542012/09MainNBN: Local NBN opportunities - TransACT FTTN
2552012/09PoliticsNBN: Turnbull's real Challenge - find better Fibre solutions
2562012/09PoliticsNBN: Coalition reluctance to "Name the Date" (and Price)
2572012/09PoliticsNBN: Coalition Broadband Policy, Sep-2012 edition
2582012/09PoliticsNBN: The Coalition Broadband Policy, what we know and don't know
2592012/09PoliticsNBN: Coalition cannot cost its proposal
2602012/09MainNBN: Not so expensive but not as soon as we'd like?
2612012/09PoliticsNBN: Coalition Policy, still fluid?
2622012/09MainNBN: Digital Convergence and Economic Reform
2632012/09PoliticsNBN: Policies - What you do trumps what you say
2642012/09HistoryMainNBN: What happened on the way to the future from 2006?
2652012/09MainNBN: Comparing competing proposals
2662012/09PoliticsNBN: Coalition supports Free Markets not Monopolies
2672012/09PoliticsNBN: Coalition support for Free Markets vs Monopolies
2682012/09PoliticsMainNBN: Depoliticising the debate
2692012/09PoliticsNBN: Why Mr Turnbull's plan leaves me uneasy
2702012/09PoliticsNBN: Turbull's Response
2712012/09PoliticsNBN: Mr Turnbull's Hybrid-NBN

2722012/08PoliticsNBN: Questions for Mr Turnbull on the FTTN agreement
2732012/08PoliticsNBN: Politics trumps Economics, Business, Technical and Social needs.
2742012/08PoliticsMediaMainNBN: Kohler v Turnbull - A third option?
2752012/08PoliticsNBN: The Turnbull Guarantee we'll never see...

2762012/06MainNBN, stuxnet and Security: It's worse than you can believe
2772012/06MainNBN: Will Apple's Next Big Thing "Break the Internet" as we know it?
2782012/06MainNBN: Needed for "Smart Grid" and other New Century Industries
2792012/06PoliticsMainNBN: The Devil in the Technical Details

2802012/05PoliticsMainNBN: Demand Forecasts and Liberal Policies
2812012/05MainNBN: The Platform, App Store and Network are the "Killer App"
2822012/05HistoryMainNBN: What history tells us - Facebook's $100B "value creation" in 7 years.
2832012/05MainNBN: L2 VPN's and turn-key NSP Telco solutions
2842012/05MainNBN: restructure to answer marketplace questions

2852012/04PoliticsNBN: Turnbull and 'inside the house' costs. Nope!
2862012/04MainNBN: Why we need to run fibre into every home.
2872012/04MainNBN and the impact of Australian Telco's Business Practices.
2882012/04MainNBN Internet traffic drivers: STORAGE
2892012/04MainThe NBN and defending against Cyber warfare attacks.
2902012/04MainThe NBN as an Essential Strategic Defence for Cyber-warfare.
2912012/04PoliticsMainThe NBN we had to have, and the one we'll likely get.
2922012/04MainSmart-Grids and Carbon Trading: Enough for an economic Negawatt scheme?

2932011/12MainSmart Internet+Smart-Grid: making money and reducing carbon footprint
2942009/05MainTelco pricing and market 'price elasticity'
2952009/05MainAus High Speed Broadband: Barriers and Challenges
2962009/05PoliticsMainBroadband Lost Opportunities: Gas and Broadband
2972009/05MainPhone Companies vs Broadband
2982009/05MainTelco Engineering vs Network Engineering
2992009/05PoliticsMainNBN - Powerplay or 'for real'?

3002009/04MainHigh-Speed Broadband: Excess Costs and Opportunity Losses
3012009/04MainCosts of NBN - National Broadband Network, Fibre-to-the-Home

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