Friday, 16 August 2013

Turnbull lying: Has had his Plan challenged many times since April

On ER-Edtion, I've catalogued the outstanding questions on the Turnbull Node Plan. At 1500 words and 17 major questions, all of which would be unnecessary if Turnbull wasn't deliberately suppressing his full Business Plan to 2040, it's too long for here.

For Turnbull or his staffers to claim "nobody has challenged our figures for the last 4 months" is a ridiculous lie: An intentional and knowing attempt to mislead.

My writing shows on-going efforts since April.
I can supply additional email transcripts as well.

When will the Mainstream Media call him on this B/S?
I hope before the election...

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  1. And we know they are intentionally lying because you asked them questions and have had a response!



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