Sunday, 11 August 2013

NBN: Cooma Express reporting shows how its done

This local reporting on the NBN impressed me in its clarity and brevity. They reported events well and summarised the issues. In the blizzard of words out there, including mine, I found this a standout.

Chris Reeves' Cooma Express story on NBN meetings.
EVEN for the tech-heads, it's hard to determine where the truth lies in the debate about the National Broadband Network (NBN), to separate the fact from the fiction and the spin from the reality.

For the non-technical, non-nerds, it's even harder, which is why about 200 people from Cooma and surrounding areas went to the Alpine Hotel on Sunday and Monday to find out.

Who to believe?
The Rolls-Royce version, with more sophistication than Star Wars and Star Trek combined?

Or the Holden version, which will arrive sooner, but may run out of gas faster too?

It's certainly an important issue, and as the weekend demonstrated, there are many people extremely interested.
And reporting this patter by Turnbull
"Not true, said Malcolm Turnbull, because Labor's NBN was "massively" behind schedule and over budget and would eventually cost $90 billion (yes, billion).

"His plan, he told the audience, would be available everywhere by 2016 and was ideally suited to smaller towns.

"It would be cheaper, and more affordable at only $29 billion (yes, that's right).

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