Tuesday, 13 August 2013

NBN: Turnbull needs to get facts straight. At least one ISP has zero NBN setup fee for standard installs

06-Aug-2013, Turnbull accuses PM of 'shocking lies' on NBN

Will Turnbull cease his claims that the ALP is telling "shocking lies" when his own assertions are demonstrably false?

One of the ISP's named by Turnbull does not charge setup fees for standard installs. This means the ALP assertion "connecting to the NBN is free" is true if people choose their  ISP wisely. For an Ordinary Reasonable Reader, the ALP document is true and Turnbull's claims are demonstrably false.

In Turnbull's own legalistic, super pedantic sense, for his blanket statement "That is a lie. It is not free" to be true, then NO ISP's anywhere, ever may charge zero setup fees. iiNet now charges zero, therefore Turnbull's assertions are false.

From the article:

Later he added that "we will connect [broadband] to peoples' homes and businesses for free".
Mr Turnbull hit out at both claims at a press conference in Sydney on Tuesday afternoon.
"That is a lie. It is not free," Mr Turnbull said.
"If you want to be connected to Labor's NBN or any NBN, whether it's completed under a Labor government or a Coalition government, you are going to have to buy a plan from a telecommunications company - Telstra or iiNet or Optus or somebody like that. So it's not free."
iiNet NBN Plans, without setup fees

Legal Customer Information for iiNet NBN Plans
Setup Fee
 there is no set-up fee or installation charges to sign up to a standard NBN fibre service. any cabling that is required in your premises beyond the network Boundary Point is your cost and responsibility.

Early Termination ChargeContract options are available on a 24-month term. Cancelling your NBN fibre Service will also result in a cancellation of any other iinet products you’ve purchased that are only available when bundled with NBN fibre. Should those products have their own contract, you will be liable for their associated break fees.
if you end your contract early, the following NBN fibre break fees apply. these fees cover the costs reasonably incurred by iinet when the contract commenced.

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