Sunday, 4 August 2013

NBN: Turnbull Node Plan - wholesale pricing for Retailers and modelling

Now the election has been called, there are some numbers embedded in the model used in the Coalition NBN Plan that Retailers need for their modelling.

  • AVC & CVC charges advertised for existing services:
    • Will they remain as advertised?
    • Will they be discounted at the same or faster rate as currently advertised
  • Access Charges, AVC, from Nodes and HFC Cable.
    • The modelled amount seems to be $16/month, the same as current ULLS.
    • ADSL2 - $16, or more or less
    • VDSL2 - same as ADSL2 or more?
    • VDSL2 with vectoring, when deployed. Same or more?
    • HFC - $16 or $24 (12/1),  $38 (100/40) or between?
  • Will DSL & HFC AVC charges follow the same price reduction formulas as for Fibre?
    • If different, on what basis?
  • Are voice service included with AVC, as per Fibre AVC's?
    • Will a rebate be available for unused TC1/Voice services, as per Fibre?
    • For DSL/FTTN, are ATA's, with packets tagged as TC1, included in the Node design?
  • CVC charging for DSL & HFC:
    • Is this at the same or different rate for the other NBN Networks (Fibre, Fixed Wireless, Satellite {Interim and Final}). Currently this is $20/mth per 1Mbps.
    • Will CVC charges for DSL/HFC be reduced at the same rate as all other traffic?
    • Will the same 120GB/mth average download 'trigger point' be used to begin discounting?
  • Will ISP/Retailers with Exchange based DSLAM's and ULLS services be compensated for the Orphaning of their assets when the Copper is cut and services migrated to Nodes?
For understanding the model underlying the Coalition NBN Plan :
  • Where do the payments to Telstra for the 8.968M FTTN appear:
    • As OpEx, like ULLS?
    • As CapEx, like the existing 'PSAA' payments?
    • As a combination of OpEx and CapEx?
  • What charges, OpEx and CapEx, per line or per-port are modelled for Telstra Payments?
    • If CapEx, what interest rate is used?
  • What Depreciation rate and method are used in the expenses model for Nodes and associated equipment?
    • A reasonable choice would be 20 years, flat-rate.

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