Sunday, 23 June 2013

NBN: "two Fibre active services" - possible?

Telstra's rate card includes 10Mbps for $7,931 per month for business [as mentioned previously].

Will NBN Co ever sell pairs of Fibres over the Customer Access Network connected to active Ethernet devices? If so, it would allow a whole new class of applications and businesses - much as "dark fibre" has in certain places.

These links would, I think, terminate in the FSAM. Current GBIC/SFP's sold are 1/10/40/100 Gbps. You wouldn't bother with 100Mbps, because GPON offers 1000/400 on a single fibre.

Would you even need a pair of fibres, or are there adapters already available?
Update: 3-Jun-13. 3-port Optical Circulators split light flowing in opposite directions on a single fibre. ie. still only need a single fibre to the premises.

NBN Co could offer three levels of interconnection (because every link needs two ends), with different pricing:
  • off same FSAM
  • off same PoI
  • connect at PoI to RSP or backhaul
Standard NNI charging might be used: Table 10 (pg 22) of the NBN Product and Pricing Overview.
These are wholesale, not retail, prices, exclusive of GST.
For a whole link, two ends are needed, doubling these costs.
1Gbps $200/mth, $1,000 install
10Gbps, $400/mth, $5,000 install
$20 per 1 Mbps/mth ($20,000/mth per 1Gbps) A flat rate for non-switched service would be needed.

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