Thursday, 20 June 2013

NBN: Coalition support enabling Chinese Internet hacking?

The AFR reports today that Huawei is still wishing to get into the NBN rollout.
The Coalition broadband Czar, Turnbull, supports considering them as suppliers, despite specific recommendations against this by National Security agencies.

After Edward Snowdon's revelations about the size and scope of the NSA surveillance and Internet penetration, we know that many state actors, not just the USA and certainly China, have very active intelligence programs, far more extensive and pervasive than anyone outside the Intelligence community has guessed.

Are Turnbull and his mates stupid, ignorant, wilfully blind, double-agents, mischievous and mendacious or trying to make their past workmates on the local Board of Huwaei a bunch of money?

National Security agencies never reveal what they know. This is a really big deal and one that Turnbull knows in intimate detail: he prosecuted and won the "Spycatcher" case in 1988  on declassifying WWII material.

For the Australian Intelligence community to say anything about a single supplier, let alone in public and name them is quite extraordinary. It hasn't happened before. It's more than ten times as big as all Big Four banks releasing details of their backup data-centres, their networking links and fallbacks and their operational contingency plans. How to emphasise that point enough, I don't know.

For the Coalition, especially Turnbull, to not understand or respect the publicly released opinion of our Intelligence Community is an indescribable action in Bad Faith. If it's a cheap political shot, it's incredibly poorly thought through.

If it's anything more, it would confirm the Coalition is the pack of fools and knaves they seem to be.

Snowdon broke world-changing news about the Internet, did Turnbull NOT notice or NOT understand its importance? If he did, why is he still ignoring the formal advice of our Intelligence chiefs?

It can only be one or the other, either answer brings his judgement & loyalty into question and should disqualify him from being a responsible Minister in any Government.

Earlier this year, Mandiant took the extraordinary and important step of identifying, naming and laying out years of secret work on an investigation: "Advanced Persistent Threat 1" (APT 1).
It was a unit of the Chinese Military. Look up the story, they've been hacking others for years.

What does Mr Turnbull need for him to take the recommendation of the most highly-informed, professional and expert group in Internet Security in Australia?

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