Monday, 29 April 2013

NBN: Turnbull's "All Questions Answered" document: Don't bother.

Delimiter posted an excellent piece today, "Coalition to answer all NBN questions" pointing to a new post by Turnbull, "Coalition Broadband Policy-  Frequently Asked Questions".

Both pieces, but mainly Renai's at Delimiter, are worth a read, but don't spend more than 90 seconds of your life on the Coalition FAQ, not if you have any self-respect.

While I intend to respond in detail to the "FAQ", or rather what's not there, here's a first response:
Why would anyone give any credence to Dorothy Dixer questions self-selected and answered by a Barrister-turned-Politician? To say they'd be misleading and self-serving would be a gross understatement.
Turnbull et al have concocted these "Questions" for very particular reasons, none of which are to do with enlightening the public or explaining his plan. Here's the real question Turnbull needs to answer:
If he had communicated his plan well in the first place 2 weeks ago, why does he now need to "answer" twenty-two questions, expending 3500 words?
This FAQ is actually a demonstration of a seriously failed communication. But then, his policy launch, writing and interviews haven't been about informing or debating, rather muddying the waters and disinformation.

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