Monday, 29 April 2013

NBN: Questions for Conroy and Turnbull.

Josh Taylor of ZDnet is moderating a live debate co-ordinated with OurSay.
The current Top Three have been published with two or so days to run.

My questions, mostly for Mr Turnbull, below.

Here is my "Question Zero":
There are real commercial promises to both sides proposals:
can be they taken, under the ACL, as making commercial representations, not merely exempt, and worthless, political promises. I'd love to hear the ACCC on this.
Will either side give a money-back guarantee if their plan fails? No, that's not going to happen.
The next best thing is: a) quit politics or b) have clear 'early-exit checkpoints' to abandon the work. Will either make an on-the-record commitment on being held accountabile for their promises?
Q1. Mr Turnbull claims $20.5 billion in CapEx. Could he give us the breakdown into the the 4 Networks, Other/Infrastructure and Contingency.

Q2: Could Mr Turnbull gives us a breakdown of his OpEx budget over 35 years, now that he's swapping one-off PSAA payments for on-going line rental. Does that include the maintenance and the technicians to do the job?

Q3: Mr Turnbull is increasing OpEx by swapping PSAA to rental and decreasing Revenue by restricting ARPU growth to 1% above inflation. What effect does that have on Profitability, Break-Even, ROI and time to repay Govt Equity and Debt?

Q4: Mr Conroy, where's you detailed analysis and response to the Coalition Plan?

Q5: Mr Turnbull, you've run multiple Risk-based scenarios on the Labor 3-networks plan to come up with a Perfect Storm, yet you've not run any scenarios on your plan, the simplest being the CapEx to OpEx swap not happening.

You have several extremely high-risk factors that are also maximum impact ("drop-dead"), such as Telstra shareholders not agreeing to changing their arrangement.

Are you going to release a set of Identified Risks, Risk Mitigation strategies and scenario impact models for your plan as you've already done for the Labor plan?

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